Economics, Volume 2: Macroeconomics / 2nd, revised edition

Economics, Volume 2: Macroeconomics / 2nd, revised edition

Autors: Anca Dachin

Year of appearance: 2010

ISBN: 978-606-505-303-8 /978-606-505-304-5

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Economics, vol.2: Macroeconomics (in German language) is a textbook for readers that are interested in the knowledge and proper utilization of basic concepts in economics. It presents and explains aggregate dimensions at macroeconomic level, such as final consumption of households, gross capital formation, national saving, aggregate demand and supply etc. The understanding of these concepts open the way for interpretations of the world economy, which is marked by economic integration and globalization. The book turns to macroeconomic indicators, national economic flows, main unbalances of the labor market, money market and market for foreign currency exchange, as well as to relevant aspects of open economies. There is a detailed approach to key topics in macroeconomics, such as inflation, unemployment, economic growth and economic fluctuations and to macroeconomic policies searched in order to stabilize and recover from recession.
The systematic presentation of concepts, theories and indicators used in statistics are based on the present literature in the field of macroeconomics and is illustrated by data and case studies from Romania, compared to the European Union.
The book is directed to Romanian readers who have good knowledge in German language and wish to learn economic concepts to be used correctly in communication with German partners. The book may be also useful for foreign students who learn in Romania according to mobility programs.

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