Economic modeling /Second Edition

Economic modeling /Second Edition

Autors: Camelia Ratiu-Suciu, Florica Luban, Daniela Hincu, Nadia Ciocoiu

Year of appearance: 2009

ISBN: 978-606-505-150-8

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The paper is structured into four parts: problem modeling, economic modeling, simulation and a proposed economic project. The first part is related to economic and mathematical modeling, seen as an alternative to "experiment" in the sciences and the specific economic and mathematical model building, focusing on the economic and mathematical models typology.  Will follow information on economic modeling techniques for forecasting, supply companies on the market, the competitive situation, Multi-decision making processes. A chapter of this section is devoted to economic and mathematical models for the use and allocation of resources within the organization. The third part deals with the basic elements of simulation models (definition, economic applications, phases, Monte Carlo simulation). The last part of the book presents a draft discipline for a particular case: SC Promod SA (technical-economic situation and production company, the objectives of the management team, market evolution of competitive products, sale estimate, calculate of the maximum profit likely if a product is launched).

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