ISSN: 2067-3795 online

Review issued bianual a year

The European Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies (EJIS) is the first academic journal dedicated to providing a forum for dialogue for advancing European knowledge within and across multiple social science and humanities disciplines. The journal targets academic researchers and readers in both old and new European Union member states and beyond. The EJIS editors envision creating an area of research without borders, by integrating research undertaken in both Western and Eastern Europe. Without losing the methodological focus, interdisciplinarity is called to raise questions and provide answers whenever disciplines like economics, political science, law, business and management, sociology, security studies, anthropology and ethnography, and religious studies are unable to do so.

The journal encourages submissions based on a variety of research methods and designs, including case studies and comparative examinations, content analysis, focus groups, opinion surveys, participant observation, and other qualitative and quantitative research designs. Our aim is to facilitate the study of subjects which have some coherence, but cannot be adequately understood with the tools of a single disciplinary perspective.

Given the nature and quality of the articles it will publish, the journal will be of interest to European academics and researchers, as well as undergraduate and graduate students.

EJIS is published under the research grant no 91-058, financed by CNMP Romania.

Journal Director,
Prof. Rodica Zaharia Ph.D.