Dictionary: environmental protection

Dictionary: environmental protection

Autors: Virginia Ciobotaru, Smaranda Dumitru, Ana Maria Socolescu

Year of appearance: 2009

ISBN: 978-606-505-102-7

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Romania's accession to the European Union involved adapting national legislation to EU regulations, including environmental.
Knowledge of these new issues is accompanied by the appearance of a specific language, sometimes difficult to master.
This dictionary aims to increase understanding of the specific environment and to form a correct attitude in relation to the existence of adequate environmental issues for sustainable development. It contains about 3,100 definitions of terms, phrases and concepts, primarily in the field of ecology and environment, but also in related fields – chemistry, physics, biology, geography, geology, etc..
Were selected, retained, and define terms commonly found in studies, assessments and rules of ecology, environment and environmental management, terms for the main substances used in economic and social activities with potential impact on the quality factors of the environment or human health. A special place is occupied by the terms used as the environmental measurements and measuring equipment, collection of data and environmental information and their statistical processing, etc.
Definition of terms is consistent with current rules or general acceptance reflected in contemporary literature specialist.

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