Capital Market

Capital Market

Autors: Laura Obreja Brasoveanu (coord.), Victor Dragota, Ingrid-Mihaela Dragota, Andreea Semenescu, Andreea Stoian, Catalina Handoreanu, Adrian Mitroi, Cristina Morar Triandafil

Year of appearance: 2011

ISBN: 978-606-505-384-7

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This volume is part of a broad financial phenomenon throughout the monograph to micro and macroeconomic and social event. To cover the complexity of this approach was needed by a team of professionals, which is distinguished not only by professional and scientific legitimacy, but also through the communion of observation and reflection of financial phenomenon.
Reading this book is a stage in all matters of scientific interest to know about financial markets: concepts, methods, their application results in financial reality, the facts and chronology of the evolution of concepts and methods, their synthesis comprehensible.

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