Business Law. Course for economic school

Business Law. Course for economic school

Autors: Catalin Silviu Sararu

Year of appearance: 2015

ISBN: 978-606-505-864-4

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The book "Business Law. Course for economic school "aims to facilitate knowledge, understanding and assimilation of business law issues in the context of identifying constants legal reality, but also the dynamic elements that currently exist. There are analyzed: the legal norm, the law system, the legal relationship of business law, the legal act, the contract, the undertaking and the commerce fund, the legal relationship of employment between the employer and employees, aiming to identify the main legal institutions within the discipline "Business Law".

The book approaches the issue of the businesses from the perspective of the New Civil Code and is aimed at students / MA students of the economic faculties, and all those who wish to acquire knowledge of business law. Each chapter includes synthesis concepts, fixing scheme for deepening knowledge and bibliography matter. Each chapter includes synthesis of the notions, fixing scheme for deepening of the knowledge and bibliography for deepening the matter.

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