Accountant in business

Accountant in business

Autors: Cristina Maria Morariu, Madalina Maria Girbina

Year of appearance: 2013

ISBN: 978-606-505-609-1

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This book presents the role of the professional accountant in various facets of its business. In line with the objectives set, the content of the paper illustrates the following aspects:
·         The role of different types of organizations, their structure and how they interact with the stakeholders and the business environment;
·         The role of accounting in the efficient operation of the organization's management, the factors determining the usefulness and quality of accounting information and the role of accounting regulatory bodies;
·         Basic concepts of ethics, ethical behaviour of organizations, ways for organizations to manage ethical issues and relevant ethical principles for professional accountants;
·         Principles of corporate governance and corporate social responsibility practices;
·         Understanding the business environment of the organization to identify opportunities and risks;
·         Basic principles of internal control and ways in which control systems must be linked to organizational objectives and key risks;
·         The role of the audit (internal and external) in disclosing and reporting financial information as a response to an efficient control system
Designed primarily for those studying the subject "Accountant in business", the book can be equally used by all professional accountants to update their knowledge.

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