Management of services within the knowledge-based society

Management of services within the knowledge-based society

Autors: Andreea Zamfir

Year of appearance: 2010

ISBN: 978-606-505-331-1

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Since its conception as autonomous area of inquiry in the early twentieth century, management has undergone a complex process of extension in applicability, as well as a constant development of concepts, methods and techniques. Moreover, recently, due to the so-called ‘knowledge revolution’, the management research has focused on knowledge management. As a natural consequence of this, management concepts have been spread and gradually developed in the services sector – a vast, contradictory and often unpredictable area of practice.
This book does not aim to cover all issues related to services management. It is simply raising some questions concerning the management of services within the knowledge-based society and economy, and explores some possible answers in a scientific approach developed during six chapters written in English. Quintessentially, it is the first time that a book is dedicated to exploring how changes in this new knowledge-based society lead to changes in services management. It is also the first time that a case study of educational services is presented in this context. The originality, innovative nature and scientific value of this book also arise from the knowledge-based strategic management of services model proposed by the author.
The target audience of this book includes undergraduate and graduate students, researchers and specialists in management, as well as other people interested in services management.

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