Happy Projects! Second edition

Happy Projects! Second edition

Autors: Roland Gareis; ed. Constanta Bodea; trad. dupa editia din limba germana (2004): Corneliu Alexandru Bodea, Vlad Rosca, Adrian Dumitru Tantau, Iulian Costinel Intorsureanu.

Year of appearance: 2006

ISBN: 978-973-594-848-1

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Management by projects is a useful management strategy not only for organizations, but to society too. "Management by Projects", perceived as a vision that becomes reality, is described in the first chapter. In later chapters the author tries, with examples and several case studies, to demonstrate this.

"Happy Project" is a book for trainers and management consultants, for teachers in universities and colleges and for students specializing in project management, for candidates to certification in projects management.

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