Actuarial Mathematics. Theory and practical applications

Actuarial Mathematics. Theory and practical applications

Autors: Veronica Burlacu, Gheorghe Cenusa, Roxana Ciumara, Mihaela Covrig

Year of appearance: 2009

ISBN: 978-606-505-153-9

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In the spirit of tradition in the financial and actuarial mathematics field, mentioned since the founding of the Academy of High Commercial and Industrial Studies in 1913, by the first rector, Professor Anton Davidoglu, after 1990 several disciplines are studied in the faculties, namely  "Financial Mathematics" and "Actuarial Mathematics". Academy graduates with solid actuarial and finance studies, enjoy a wide appreciation in banking and insurance domains.   
This work contains, mainly, many problems related to the concept of financial and actuarial mathematics. Each chapter has a brief introduction to theoretical description of the models to study.
The collection is addressed to higher education students, and those who want to become familiar with financial and insurance requirements, areas where specialists with high training are wanted, permanently.

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